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Re: A word on Time Trained and Ranking

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Maybe I explained myself badly, when I said "non-essential" (though I do think I explained what I meant by that, right after?).
Obviously Ukemi is quite essential to the practice of Aikido, I mean that it's not something special just to Aikido, or something that can only be explained by your Sensei. Of course, once I start, there will likely be changes that have to be made, variations that has to be learned, and so forth, but I see no reason why I can't start the basic practice myself
With Kamae, again, I do not expect to "perfect" that by myself, in any way, but again, it can't hurt to get the basics down.
Kamae is not just basic it is essential to executing proper technique. Kamae or posture is not just about which foot is forward or not, it is about proper body alignment and maintaining balance not just at the beginning or ending or a movement but also during the movement. It is probably the hardest thing for a beginner to understand or learn to do. A good sensei spends a lot of time showing, testing and correcting your posture. You may be able to practice standing with one foot forward and arms extended but you need a partner to test if you are maintaining your alignment and balance throughout your movement.

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