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Re: Shouldn't we be responsible?

I don't really think this (the OP) is an issue. Most teachers repeatedly state that there are better ways to learn to fight. My first teacher taught that "this shouldn't be teaching you how to hurt someone but makIng you realize how vulnerable and easily hurt you would be in a fight."

Equally there is plenty of stuff on the Internet criticizing aikido and lots of information that "if you want to learn to fight you have to get out and fight" and aikido training obviously doesnt involve fighting. I think most aikidoka are like me, far too pretty to have our faces smacked evey week in training. All in all there is plenty of information available to make an informed choice.

Yes, there are some deluded students but I think they are looking for Ki magic instead of hard work. hopefully they realize their own aikido is not good enough to use in a fight. They are probably also very unlikely to get into a fight. Seems those folk who seek out real rough and tumble training get into a lot more fights than us fluffy bunnies.

As a slight tangent to your question, but still on topic - Do people think martial arts instructors should or "have a duty" ensure that their students can defend themselves, irrespective of their main art.? ie should self defense techniques be taught as a regular break out from class?

I used to practice elbow strikes, groin knee strikes and groin kicks (oh, and some punches) on a heavy bag when I first started aikido. In terms of "techniques" there is probably not much more that needs to be added (eye gouges, judo chop to neck - oh, that's shomen uchi). Get an old fairbairn or Sykes manual and you should be good to go!

But of course how you train is slightly different to what you train (a list of techniques), which is a big part of what you are saying.

(oh, look, I have answered my own question. :-) )

The most important part of any self defense course is protecting yourself by avoiding trouble and dangerous environments. This is certainly an area I think every Martial arts instructor should consider teaching.

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