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Re: Shouldn't we be responsible?

Chris Knight wrote: View Post
hi kevin, nothing whatsoever - i just think that aikido groups shouldn't be able to utilise the name unless authorised by a higher body when they post videos which are absolutely, in no way related to our art, hopefully....

hope the arms improving and you're back in action soon!

Thanks for asking Chris, today was my first day back on the mat, teaching though and very easy. Will have to train conservatively for a while.

In theory, of course I agree that it would be nice if there was such a thing as Aikido (tm).

However, looking at a few of the other post, I have to say, I agree and think we are actually better off without the (tm). I think overall the hybridization, and freedom to interpret has probably paid us more dividends than determent.

If there was one singular organization that got to decide what was and what was ot aikido....think about it....

Someone or a board would have to quantify that somehow. We'd have test that would be standardized. Only select people would be able to promote. It would get very expensive. Interpretation or creativity would be very limited or limited to the few guys that sat on the top of the very steep paramid.

Take a look at the downfall of judo and judo organizations in the US. Lots of in fighting, they constantly change the rules for various reasons, sometimes for safety, but lately IMO it is to keep Jiu Jitsu players, Sambo, and Grapplers from being successful and co-opting Judo and changing it. Can't blame them really, it is at risk if you are the status quo.

Think about the guys like Dan Harden. People that decided to spend time with him would be ex-communicated and stripped of the ability to use the Aikido(TM) label. Student bodies would be split. The focus would be completely wrong. We'd be focusing on organizational politics and climbing the ladder vice actually improving what we are doing.

I'd say most, if not all of the major guys here on Aikiweb would be stripped of the ability to use the AIkido(TM).

So then what?

We'd have to appeal to some sort of national or state board to start a new art or derivative. The National Body for Martial Arts would be very hesitant to improve another Aiki like organization since the 200,000 plus Aikido(TM) body would be very powerful and lobby to prevent us. That and if they did that, there would be a landslide of everyone wanting to start there own new art cause they didn't agree with the establishment that purports mediocrity at best as it is most profitable that way.

I think education is the best way. We can inform people as best we can about how to make good decisions and navigate the maze. I got my start and what would be considered a "McDojo". I knew nothing about martial arts and simply took what was offered at the health club. As I became more and more educated, and my thirst grew deeper, I sought out more and more information and trained with others. I'd say it took me a good 15 years of training before I felt I understood training and what constituted good training for myself.

Yeah, it is frustrated and comical to see some of the garbage that is out there.

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