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Re: A word on Time Trained and Ranking

LOL! Crossdressing! Oh my goodness, I'd pay to see everyone cross dressed on the mat!

When I say beauty I don't mean... pretty in the sense of the physical appearance of the person, but that their movements and what they do are beautiful--which also incorporates their passion and their love for the art as well as how fast or flowy their movements are. I find some of our older members, with their wonderfully soft but firm style to be very beautiful to me. Just as I find some of our younger members hard, technical, fast styles to also be beautiful, and vice versa for the age thing. Even the beginners who are trying their best are pretty to me.

Precision maybe? Sincerity? What is most pleasing to the eye in terms of how a body naturally moves and is positioned? How much respect one has for their partner? How much love and respect they have for the art and themselves? (For example, slouching is not pretty to me.)

Ack, the more I think about it the more it confuses me. I just KNOW it looks pretty, like something in my head says: ooh, watch that one. Or warms my heart. Or something. v___v

I'm not brave or smart or particularly generous, but I'll take my values and live by them--and that is my standard measurement of strength.

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