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Re: A word on Time Trained and Ranking

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The interesting thing here. At least as far as ASU goes. 1 training day= 1 hour no matter how many days of training you actually had that day it still only counts as 1 hour. I could go to a seminar and d 4 hours and still it is 1 hour. I can go to class 3 days a week train 2 hours each day and be credited the same training time as the fellow who comes to class 3 days a week and only trains 1 hour. And by that rule, were that person and I to train for the specified number of hours we would both be eligible to advance at the same time in spite of the fact that I in reality put in twice as much effort.
That is very interesting! Makes you wonder why they would put it in hours to begin with?
I do remember though, that on the Aikikai Hombu website, it's all listed in days, not hours. Though I wonder, if they bother enough to keep track of things like this, why not keep track of lessons, instead of days? Surely that would be a more valid marker for, whether or not someone has had sufficient training or not?
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