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Goldsbury Peter (Peter Goldsbury) wrote:
1) The turn is actually optional. It is much more severe on uke, but you could continue in a straight line.

2) Oh and with beginners, ukemi from shihonage is somnething you actually have to teach, usually by doing it yourself as instructor. It is not something they should be left to pick up for themselves after having learned ushiro ukemi.

Best regards,

1) Nasty, that. I think that's what Shioda describes in his book as "a variation", ie, cranking the arm on the shoulder and ripping 1-3 major joints.

2) Yes. But before teaching them, they are so useful to the more advanced as reminders that often, modesty is but honesty.

I've been working pretty intesively with a couple of beginners of late, and it's remarkable how quickly they pick up on how to make NAGE look good. One moment they confound your technique and the next they make you look golden. Of course, one attempts to apply the technique under these rarified conditions ideally, that is, without recourse to the catalogue of options offered so insightfull--and ironically--by Mr. Lapins.

Don J. Modesto
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