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Re: Vetting Our Skills

Peter Rehse wrote: View Post
You know - that is pretty much it. Sometimes it is done as part of a competition - mostly as an exercise without the point system. Either way its a great way of shattering delusions.
Interesting! Didn't realize it was like that, since all videos I've seen of Shodokan / Tomiki demonstrations have looked like some weird Judo abomination, with two people trying to throw each other o0

And I completely believe you when you say it's great for training - solid chance I'd be wanting to do Shodokan, but sadly, there's no Shodokan dojo's in Denmark, so to make up for it I'm planning (once I have some basic level of insufficiency) to jump by some Judo clubs, or my old Shotokan Karate dojo (though that would be nasty... only wooden floors o0) to spar with some people there later on.
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