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Re: Kata dori - tips to remember

common mistakes in katadori

1. when nage initiates kuzushi, nage draws uke to himself. this can happen in omote or ura. the test is if uke can push nage and make him tumble. proper distance and angles will be able to circumvent this. If the angles are wrong, I find 99% of ukes are compliant since they can push nage over but don't.

2. using the free arm too much to try to break uke. nage has the tendency to use the free arm too much cutting into uke's elbow thinking that this is the primary movement in taking uke's balance. the primary movement to break uke is with the center turning in coordination with "opening" the attacked shoulder.

3. for the attacked shoulder, not opening the shoulder and drawing the arm back. sensei doesn't like that arm to be "dead" and useless.

4. trying to remove uke's grabbing arm forcefully. uke's hand will be easy to remove once his arm is turned over.

5. not performing atemi

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