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Re: Ki to the Highway

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so where does the Glee stuffs come about from the origin of Oh Gee? which resulted in the movie Magic Mike which my wife wants to check out.... i meant protesting with her friends.
Oh! You want the female version? We all know it was the men who came to mess everything up from the beginning. While the illiterate simpletons - just to clarify, in the woman's views, all men are illiterate and simple - were watching the madman dance around on fire, they saw him trying to rip off his flaming clothes.

So bewildered and bedazzled was this act that the women thought it was dancing. Many mumbled, "Oh, that's so hot". Some women thought the madman was shouting, "Glee" and was ecstatic at his prancing and preening before them. Others watched as strong, muscled (yet illiterate and simple) men aped the actions of the madman, without the catching on fire part, of course.

Naturally, what followed after that were acts of a different sort and all involved were filled with qi. The women wanted the performance to be reenacted. The men, well, they were rewarded afterwards, so they went along with it.

Now you have movies like Magic Mike which harken back to the days of old when one crazed madman was struck with lightning. They eventually named the madman as "Dale". His primary follower was so much like him that they said he was just a "Chip" off the old madman. The act of Chip-N-Dale was born. Women swooned. It is so still today.
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