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Re: Ki to the Highway

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Phi, you have to go back even further. Back to when the heavens and the earth formed that started it all. What was man to do? He couldn't move heaven and he couldn't move earth. He just stood there dumbfounded going, Gee, what do I do? Gee ... and then the lightning hit him, caught him on fire, and he screamed "Gee!" (which at the time was written "ji"). He started dancing around, slapping his body, screaming until the rain put out the fire. This started the worship of the gods. Ka was fire and Mi was water. You see, he was screaming kami while he was on fire, hoping that someone would understand and help him put out the fire. No one did. They all thought it was some new ritual dance for a new god. That's how Shinto started.
Just a quick note here. The new religion which brought forth Christians wanted to have their own, special take on how everything was formed. So, when they first started, they told people that what the madman really said after getting hit with lightning was, "Jesus" not Gee. Then, when he caught fire, it was "Save me", not kami. He was screaming so people didn't really understand his gibberish clearly. He was really saying, Jesus Save Me. Men should pray to Jesus for divine inspiration and grace.

That wasn't going very well for them, so they decided to chuck it all and create their own Genesis. One that had to do with a garden. That was boring, so ... well, that's another story ...
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