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Re: Ki to the Highway

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what he shown and discussed are the how-to do things in his system. his system has a name, but you won't get him to say it.

here is a question or two..or maybe even two and a half and could even be three. if i remembered correctly (losing grey matter by the pound), Takeda called his system aikijujutsu. He used the word "ki" in it. then Ueshiba the senior, called it aiki budo. damn, there's that "ki" word again! then modern day, it called aikido. crap! that's word ki again. i suggested somewhere on aikiweb that we should just called it aido, the art of love, with the karma sutra as the core student manual. of course folks would say that we are deviants. so i think we should just call it "do". that's way we can just do do.
Phi, you have to go back even further. Back to when the heavens and the earth formed that started it all. What was man to do? He couldn't move heaven and he couldn't move earth. He just stood there dumbfounded going, Gee, what do I do? Gee ... and then the lightning hit him, caught him on fire, and he screamed "Gee!" (which at the time was written "ji"). He started dancing around, slapping his body, screaming until the rain put out the fire. This started the worship of the gods. Ka was fire and Mi was water. You see, he was screaming kami while he was on fire, hoping that someone would understand and help him put out the fire. No one did. They all thought it was some new ritual dance for a new god. That's how Shinto started.

This madman realized that he had to make heaven and earth one. 1+1=3 (that was also the beginning of math) and man was the bridge between heaven and earth. Heaven plus Earth with Man in the center was three. The madman realized that you have fire and water ji, ethereal and congealed ji, etc. The eight ji become one. So, then you have 8+8=3. Math didn't really take off too well back then.

Now, some illiterate simpleton comes along and listens to this rambling madman. The simpleton hears qi this and qi that, heavens, universes, and earth and decides that this madman must mean qi is all life energy in all living things. But when the Simpleton tries to test the madman, Simpleton finds that the madman has some mad skillz. Thus the beginning of the martial arts. Other men came along and wanted to learn these cool, new skillz.

So, you see, because of one madman and a lightning strike, we have religion, math, God, spirits, and martial arts.

Now, the qi spreads like wildfire. Not many have the skillz the madman had, but that's okay, because everyone has chi. Yes, it changed again. Then, it landed on Japan's shores. Of course, nothing outside Japan could be holy or right, so the Japanese created "ki". Except a rare few students had survived through the ages and still had mad skillz. These few tossed around the chi-heads as if they were rag dolls. Laughing all the way to the bank, these few mad skillzers agreed whole heartedly that their skills were ki influenced. After all, way back in the beginning it was the "Gee", written "ji" that had started it all.

By the time Takeda had actually gone past his Oh Gee moment, he came full circle with Deguchi. Deguchi was a chi-head of a new sort but his views were taken from the old ways. The old ways could be traced back to the madman, the simpleton, and ji/qi/chi/ki. So, when Deguchi suggested a name change to aiki, Takeda could only agree. The harmony of all the contradictory ki was exactly what he was doing. Earth Martial Gee met Heaven Simpleton Qi in Takeda and Deguchi. Ueshiba was the bridge between the two. Their meeting was what drove Ueshiba nearly crazy and he had had enough of both of them after that. Besides, he was going to be a Budo Sensei, that illustrious and famous career in Japan at that time.

Well, we know the rest after that. History was made. Ueshiba became the famous Golden Cloud Farting Buddha Sensei. The actual reason for WWII was because of this, but that's another story...

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