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Re: Ki to the Highway

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
why would there even be a contest between belief and non-belief?
As I keep saying, the contest starts when someone disputes my claim that ki doesn't exist.
belief isn't science, why would you want to use science to prove or disprove a thing that's not science?
What makes a martial arts technique work is science. If we're talking about people being physically affected in observable, measurable ways, we are talking about science. When you throw someone in the dojo, the question of what makes it work is a scientific one. You can't take science out of a discussion of ki unless you abandon the assertion that ki does things (like moving someone) that are observable and measurable in a scientific way.
i remembered reading something that stated "you should believe in god." the logic is, if god doesn't exist, then you have nothing to lose. but if he/she/it exists and you don't, then you are screw.
Pascal's Wager. I'm not really a fan, because it doesn't address the problem of deciding which God to believe in. But I'm not sure how it applies here.
so if you don't want to use the word "ki", and say you have to teach the native, how would you explain some of the stuffs that part of the language. i mentioned that "khi" in my language is the same as "ki" or "chi". khi hau = weather (the states of the air outside). if i don't use khi, then the word "hau" meant your rear-end. kinda hard to talk about your rear-end.
The problem with ki isn't that it's in another language. Kotegaeshi is in another language. The problem with ki is that it's a vague, mysterious word with no agreed-upon definition that is used to explain things that don't need explaining.

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