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Re: A word on Time Trained and Ranking

Thank you for the replies, though some seem to have misunderstood me a little, and I apologize for not being more clear:

@Phi Truong
You seem to have skipped vital points in my post. I do for instance start off with saying that this is something I see accross all discussions in this, no matter style, no matter place/person. I'm not referring spesifically to people on this forum, which you seem to think.
Second, I'm also quoting the Senshusei program. If you are unfamiliar with it, it is an intense program offered at Yoshinkan Hombu Dojo.
I am a little unsure what exactly you are disagreeing with - you are pretty much just saying "Other people have more experience than you. My standards are high." None of that has anything to do with the point I'm making in this thread.

@Basia Halliop
I should have made it clear that I understand that Shodan is rather a matter of "understanding and proffeciency in all basic parts of the MA", rather than being an expert/master. I was instead trying to point out that since people THINK it means that you mastered the art, it's a valid question from that viewpoint - is it a difficult or easy form to master.

To your second point:
Of course it's completely fine to respect someone who merely happens to have a higher rank - I do mention this in my post. I'm referring to people who on one side says it means nothing, and in another post makes a great deal out of having trained under a 6th Dan (with no other referrence), for instance. Either the rank means nothing, or it does.

Last, I do want to point out, in regards to varying degrees of graduation/testing, that in Aikido, there is actually fairly straight forward rules to the testing. Head over to the Aikikai Hombu Dojo website, and they have a quite detailed list for the amount of training and time needed to take the different tests. The American Aikido Foundation (think it's called that?) also has a similar list, detailed hours of training needed, and skills that need testing for each graduation.
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