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Re: Ki to the Highway

Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
All interconnection of dissimilar objects, energies, or systems need some form of interface that can convert, translate, or bridge the basic protocols of each side to the other - to me, ki serves that purpose between mind and body.
How come biologists don't talk about ki then? Are their explanations of how the mind moves the body incomplete?
You brought up the sacrifice thing not me - I just did not see it as a good analogy because ki/qi is still believed in by most Chinese.
First of all, you made it human sacrifices, not me. Second of all, a lot of people believing in something does not make it true. It is widely believed in Korea that leaving a box fan on all night will chill a room to sub-zero temperatures and cause hypothermia (

Physics is a science and they had their sciences as well - there is nothing as constant as change, and physics today is different than the physics of yesterday as well as be different tomorrow. Not all things in that spectrum were identified from day one - as new things are discovered, they are added - to me, ki could very easily be added in the future.
So what? You're saying that scientist may discover something in the future. Scientists may discover invisible elephants in the future. That doesn't mean it makes sense to believe in them now.

Absolutely, with the proper physical connection
Let me put it to you this way: why shouldn't I believe that changing the thought changes the action, and that therefore what my partner is feeling is a change in action brought about by a change in thought? What evidence is there that my explanation (which is much simpler, much cleaner, and much more consistent with what we know of science) needs ki to be complete?

but not just with your mind and will, ki plays a crucial role in that process - been there done that.

How do you use ki, if not with the mind and/or will?

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