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Re: Kata dori - tips to remember

We do a lot of katetori coming from a Tohei lineage and for me when working w/ newer folks the two main things to play with and be aware of are: how to move back in space while maintaining forward energy and extension, and how to "take away" that shoulder while maintaining the center line.

I actually don't try to do a lot of turning from my hip initially, because I DO want to stay energy forward and center aimed at uke. I find a large turning from the hip leads to overrotation away from uke. It opens my other side too much and it breaks any connection to uke.

While I move back in space as much as I need to, my feeling is that I'm doing an irimi with my opposite hip and just letting what was the front hip/foot/shoulder kick back in response to my entry, so uke sees and feels that space opening on the side of his grab, but I'm not in retreat.

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