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Re: Ki to the Highway

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
... I view this energy as "Ki" ...
As far as I see it, Daoist texts about qi are more specific about what qi is? And they fit much more to what I understand to be Dan's view of ki? ("Managing your body systems to think "lead ki" in certain described manners produces real results in a health system of moving your bodies energy and in a martial system to produce power.")

Where do you "anchor" this wide, open view of qi in the tradition or historical heritage of the knowledge of ki? Where does it come from?
Even when referred to as something like energy, isn't it allways connected to certain "bodily/physical" aspects?

I'm still thinking about a conversation I had recently: Talking to two german teachers of Ki-Aikido they clearly stated that what is called "qi" in qi gong, tai chi, ... is something different than what is called "Ki" in Ki-Aikido. Not a different aspect or view of the same thing. But a different thing.
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