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Re: Ki to the Highway

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I completely disagree. Ki is not a form of energy it is controlled use of the body systems through intent. It's effects -on the body- are palpable so people incorrectly assign it to an "energy" all it's own.
Think ki will not produce anything real
Managing your body systems to think "lead ki" in certain described manners produces real results in a health system of moving your bodies energy and in a martial system to produce power.

Damn, if you agreed with everything I said, I would start to wonder about you

Whether ki is an energy or not is not important; no one really knows for sure - However, I like to look at it like that because it supports how I understand to lead ki with my intent to produces real results as you mention above and in what you teach - it also helps in how I understand to control the energies of those I connect with. Until someone can actually show exactly what it is or is not, this works very well for me.

I agree with you on all your other points in how ki in and of itself is not the answer - but how it is used as part of the process of heart leads mind, mind leads intent, intent leads ki, and ki leads body, is effective. For something to exist, it has to consist of either energy or matter - ki as matter is a real stretch, even for those wackos out there, so that just leaves energy


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