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Re: Ki to the Highway

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We have a nervous system that bridges the mental to the physical. So what does ki do that the nervous system doesn't do?

It's a perfectly good analogy. The claim that "millions of people over thousands of years can't be wrong" has been disproved thousands of times over. Millions of people over thousands of years were wrong about the solar system, about gravity, about human rights, etc., etc., etc. So why can't they be wrong about chi?

I said the model works without ki. And in order for you to prove that wrong, you're going to have to do two things: (1) define what ki actually is, and (2) explain what someone can do with ki that someone else cannot do without ki.

The change in thinking changes the action. When I think through my opponent rather than into him, my muscles respond with more forward energy than before.

Aikido is not unique in this. When you're learning to do a jump shot in basketball, the coach will tell you to see the ball in the basket before you shoot. When you're learning to sing opera, the voice teacher will tell you to imagine your voice filling up your face or travelling to the far end of the room. It works because the brain controls the muscles, and therefore changing what your brain is doing changes what your muscles are doing.
The nervous system is not of the mind, it is physical and it is controlled by the mind - the bridge is the ki.

Who ever said the sacrifice of people to the gods was wrong? at the time I sure it served a purpose and had functions in the society - today they have found other solutions for those functions - ki/chi belief is still very much alive within the Eastern cultures - and until someone comes along with a better solution to the functions it serves, it will stay that way.

To me, ki is a form of energy much like electrical, magnetic, and other forms of energy within the electro-magnetic spectrum that resides in both the mental and physical domains of all living things as well as in the atomic structure of inanimate objects. It can be felt, developed, and controlled by all sentient beings within themselves as well as in others with the proper connection - in a nut shell, I see ki as how Tohei taught it. This model of ki can explain why an opponent can feel energy movement within themselves that is being controlled by someone else that is simply connected to them with no physical movement - how does your model explain that?


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