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It maybe an old thread but the problem isn't .
That is true. Why would we think that the Aikido world is any different from anyplace else where women must interact with men?

The best skills a woman can wield in a man's world, are assertiveness and self-confidence. Yet, we walk a fine line between being considered assertive and self-confident, and being "pushy broads" in males' point of view.

In any social environment (and the dojo, despite being a training hall, is a social environment because it's where human beings interact), we all must learn the rules of engagement, including the very biological ones of female-male interaction. Once we do, we as women can and do earn respect from men, even some of the most ardently sexist ones, without having to sacrifice who we are.

It can be a VERY challenging pas-de-deux in the process, however.
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