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Re: Ordered murder

Anthony Loeppert wrote: View Post
It seems like we have shifted towards the specific situation of Afghanistan, unless I read something not intended into your comments.

I have never seen the horrors you describe. I do not know how I would react. I have no solution how to drag those that wish to live in the stone age into the present and 10 years later I see our dear leaders don't either.

To training and hypocrisy:
On my less idealistic days, I see Aikido as learning to converse in another language - physical confrontation being one form of (non-verbal) communication. It is uncomfortable to ignore reality and not be at least conversant.

On my more idealistic days, I see Aikido as a path to moving through space from stable configuration to configuration.

But I don't see it as a way to do violence to someone (at least that is not what I'm in for), though definitely that application exists. I never saw an aikido technique that couldn't be defeated by uke simply letting go or walking (not running) in another direction.

I wish you well, safety, and good judgement Kevin.

EDIT: I realized just now I missed a point that integrated circuits contain rare earth metals and these can come from stressed areas of the world. I have no issue labeling these items just like diamonds. It gets confusing though, once the raw materials are processed.
Comments are not intended to apply to any specific situation. Although my experiences have some bearing on my own personal morality and ethics to justify killing. For me it is not something I seek out, but if necessary I don't avoid it or ignore it either. At the base level I am a pacifist and work hard to find peaceful ways to resolve things if at all possible. However, it is not always possible.

I won't comment on the politics of dragging people out of the stone age, it is not my place to do so, but I do have my own thoughts on that issue of course and you'd probably find we have similar views in many respects.

On hypocrisy, it is just something to be aware of and realise that it pretty much exisit in all circumstances and we need to be aware and maintain a certain degree of humbleness about it. I am a vegetarian, for example, but don't see myself as better than a non vegetarian as while I am a vegetarian I am also a hypocrite somewhere on the scale of things.

On Aikido as a method of violence. Same here. I don't see it as a tool for violence as much as I do for peace. However I am always concerned when it gets reframed to the point of lack of understanding of the nature and capacity to do violence. We need to keep this awesome responsibility in mind and practice to do violence for good IMO.

As a philosophical pacifist I struggled for a while over the seemingly contradiction in my beliefs and chosen career. In summary I decided that I had a responsibility and my karma had placed me in my situation. My responsibility was to be a leader and attempt to train others as best I could to be as highly skilled as possible so they might have room to minimize the amount of harm and to try and find peaceful ways to resolve conflict as possible.

Fortunately, I have never committed an act that I have remorse for or regret. Some of it was not pleasant and did not take joy in the actions, but they were necessary and the only option. I was and am glad to have been well trained and have/had a clear mind to make decent decisions. Budo has played a big role in that process.

By all means if uke surrenders or quits...we are obligated to protect and show compassion.

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