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Re: Dan Harden Returning to Orange County Aug 4-5th

Keith Larman wrote: View Post
You make it in the fall and I"ll be there.

I must admit that various solo exercises along with some stuff I've put together for myself have been quite helpful with my degrading spine. Thank goodness for those elastic band exercisers giving all sorts of ways to create a pull in some odd direction. Fun trying to maintain that structure in a relaxed fashion when the bands are pulling you backwards or sideways, or diagonally. I've got a number of the things hooked on the shelves, roof support beams, the base of a heavy table, etc. in my workshop. And I'm finding the increased ability to maintain structure has gone a long way in allowing me to use my body better. Which takes stress off the back and I"m finding I'm now able to do it more and more in motion with some ugly goon hanging on or trying to knock me over. And then just hanging up my heavy bag again and completely relearning my punching... Kind of like punching by starting from your little toe... But I'm still having trouble getting the damned hips coordinated. I don't know if its the tightness in my hips or that I'm simply a tight-ass. Probably a bit of both.

Frankly I'd probably be done training by now if it weren't for this stuff. So I'm a happy guy. With complete respect and thanks.
Wow, Keith. That was, perhaps, one of the best things I've read here lately. Really great to hear that this stuff is helping you in a lot more ways than just the martial. Thanks for posting that. Hope it continues.

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