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Re: Ki to the Highway

Why is chemistry a different different discipline than quantum dynamics? All chemistry can be derived from quantum dynamics--except the parts that chemistry gets wrong, because there are results from quantum dynamics which chemistry treats as a rounding error.

Why is biology different from chemistry? All biology can be derived from chemistry, except the parts biology gets wrong, because biology simplifies chemistry's results.

So sure, "ki" is a higher-level concept, like biology or chemistry, that simplifies out the lower-level detail. But utility in the real world is often driven by abstracting out lower-level concepts so as to reveal and address the higher-level unifying principles. "Ki" is one such concept.

Yeah, we could replace it with something that would make our western cerebellums hurt less. But we throw out 2000 years of martial arts' experience at our peril.

And by the way... prove that the ancient Chinese were "wrong" in worshiping mountain and river spirits. Account for the difference between what they were doing and what "worship" implies in our western monotheistic context. Define what you mean by "wrong", spiritually, culturally, socially.

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