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Re: Ordered murder

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This reminds me of a joke (if I could find a direct link, I would provide it) by Nick DiPaolo many years ago, something along the lines of:

"I heard on the news a guy got shot at a gas station..." "...and they said he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Where do you go when your tank is on 'E', Chuck-E-Cheese?" It could be that the ones getting shot aren't in the "wrong place and wrong time" but rather the trigger puller is.
Well that's using right and wrong in two different senses there. The first guy's using it in a descriptive sense and making the assumption that the guy filling up didn't want to be shot. The idea that the shooter's in the wrong place is just using the assumption that shooting them was automatically the wrong answer by some moral criteria.

The theme of the platitude is that it can happen to anyone. That in a world of limited evidence, out of which we've not evolved to draw anywhere near the optimum amount of information, you can make all the right choices and end up with the wrong cards.

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These are specifics not germane to the question...
Since I view the majority of killing as arising more out of apathy and selfishness than malice, to my way of thinking it's highly germane.

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Yes! But. The lack of a "taste for killing face to face" yet the desire to kill is exactly the issue at hand. If I have a task and I can't hire anyone to do that for me.... well, my plan doesn't execute.
It doesn't bother me. If people didn't enable the plan makers, buying the loot and then pretending not to know how it gets there, then it wouldn't matter that way around either. If you remove either part of a system, it falls apart. There is no special sin in being the one to pull the trigger.

If it's a sin at all. It's not like many of the people we kill aren't nasty people who were incharge of nasty areas of the planet anyway.
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