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Re: Ordered murder

Roger Flatley wrote: View Post
I still think the premise/direction of this thread is incomplete and not fully defined. Outwardly its a yes or no question: Is a soldier obeying murder orders ok? Yes or No?

But to answer that in the form of yes or no is pointless, and lends nothing to a further discussion or exploration into this issue.
I guess the answer would be 'yes'.

Then you have us speculating as to what mindset some generic warrior/soldier possesses when it comes to receiving orders to kill. As though we (non-soldiers) can accurately speak for soldiers the world over.

Perhaps more meaningful questions would be: What would make a soldier choose to commit murder, and what are the implications of that choice? Justifications and consequences?
That really wasn't how I intended to frame the question - as a hypothetical soldier to look down on and condemn - but rather how would I/you react being that soldier, then how might I/you feel later, etc. I was asking everyone to imagine (assuming the luxury of imagining - rather than remembering) how such a moment might happen. I can say unequivocally, I would revert to a rather instinctual vengeful creature if I saw what was happening to my daughter as the case I originally linked to. There is no decision tree needed, only observation.

As Kevin said, and I agree, all killing is not murder. Again, I am not a pacifist. It is the organisation of killing... the planning... the industry of... I'm against.

What happens when those doing start adding things up? It might be:
"Since 2010, suicide has outpaced traffic accidents, heart disease, cancer, homicide and all other forms of death in the military besides combat, the report says. One in four non-combat deaths last year were servicemembers killing themselves."

Again, I don't know - maybe only crazy people commit suicide and a higher proportion of the military is crazy. Or maybe some have done things they can't justify so easily. The actions haunt.

"Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told Congress on Wednesday that he has directed all military branches "to immediately look at that situation and determine what's behind it, what's causing it and what can we do to make sure it doesn't happen."

What is the cause?
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