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mike lee
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the circle game

I have to admit that these forums have been a consistent 'workout' for me and for my AiKiDo.
I guess I like to keep "working it" on the forums sometimes, like on the mat when you keep working a technique in an effort to get it generally right. But sometimes one's just got to let it go until the next practice, or the next thread.

I try to get it to the point where the young hot-heads finally go beyond themselves, and can even laugh at themselves -- but it's long-term process. It's not really about taking "digs" or being pious, although on the outside, it comes off that way.

It's like when someone visits a dojo with advanced practice going on and they perceive it as being violent, aggressive, rowdy -- when actually we're just pushing ourselves to the limit and having a good time.

The intent for us is always peace. But how does one know if it's a real, genuine peace unless it's occassionally challenged by a good-natured "attack" once in awhile?

(More words count less.)

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