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Re: Ordered murder

George assuming you posted MG Smedley's position on war as a demonstration of hypocracy. Based on that perspective, I agree there is hypocracy everywhere, which is exactly my point.

However, on another note, I don't necessarily agree with his over simplification of the definition of a "just war"...things tend to be a little bit more complex than that.

Where it gets tricky is in "definition of defense of the home or home land". Economic interest are certainly a part of the spectrum and consideration of all wars....has been and will continue to be. I also think that today that our national stability and security is even more complex and policies of isolationism simply do not work. A world of have and have nots creates a dangerous situation.

Also, at what point to you stop ignoring attrocities and genocide?

I am certainly not naive to think that western socieites are altruistic and act solely out of compassion....if that were the case we'd been doing much more in Africa alot sooner.

I agree though that economic concerns and fear tend to be the motivating factors for us to take action.

That said, that while economics and fear are does not mean the war is might simply be the motivator that forces us to take action.

overall though, I agree hypocracy abounds.

I think the original discussion dealt with the base concerns and ethics of the warrior.

Chris and my postion (not to put words in his mouth) was "how much thought/concern does the warrior put into the decision to protect or fight?"

At the base level, the warrior simply concerns himself with the immediacy of the mission he has been given. At the base level he is only concerned with the ethics of the immediate situation and not the bigger picture.

A key part of budo for me is living your life in such a way that your karma or associations put you in situations that are more positive. However, once you get there, you can't really concern yourself with "second thoughts" or get philosophical. A warrior as chosen a path and made a commitment and must stick to that.

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