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graham christian
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Re: It happens to the best of them

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Graham moving
Again you use your own video as evidence to support your theories.
I have never seen you move in accordance with the the things you say you can do, nor have you demonstrated anything on film that is cogent with your writing. No one who is actually expressing in/yo would move the way you do. In fact their structure would not allow them to move the way you move. It is almost impossible to understand what In/Yo is, and moving from center as you yourself claim to know and do...and then move the way you do. I would have to completely take my structure apart in order to move and respond like you.

I never expected you to wade in with yet another reference of how you move like Ueshiba!!
Comparing yourself to Ueshiba, particularly in regards to this aspect of his training and what it really means is strikingly divergent from any real understanding of what Ueshiba is doing and demonstrating.
Oh well.
The question was specific. The answer was specific. I do, or rather find myself doing, that specific thing asked about.

It happens in a thing called Aikido when I do it. It's not an I/P thing by the looks of it according to you. I'm glad it isn't.

It's actually to do with the sword as well.

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