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Re: Ordered murder

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
they are put into tough situations and essentially give up large parts of their autonomy for the sake of that noble role.
Exactly so. I simply doubt whether there can be such a noble cause which would persuade me to give up my autonomy in such a manner. Outsourcing decision making on that level disturbs me greatly.

In general, where bad intent is ruled out, I tend to blame our politicians for the devastations of our more recent wars more than I do the soldiers themselves.
100% agreed, which is why my mind keeps drifting to my previous point above. Situations that 'need' violence as a solution may exist but isn't that what a militia is for? People of their own accord deciding something needs to be done about xyz... might go a long way to avoiding the awkward situation of having to make split second choices as your friend made - and hundreds of thousands like him or her.

There are rarely any easy answers outside the world of ideas; reality is vastly more complex and deserves our highest respect and demands our highest levels of critical thinking.
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