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Re: Shomenuchi Nage waza in Refinement

Tenyu Hamaki wrote: View Post
My intended audience doesn't include people ‘interested in learning' Shomen yet unwilling to do an internet search for a few words. Laziness or entitlement attitude are both non-starters. Your umbrage is leading others to do independent reading though.
The laziness can go both ways. You pretend to be some sort of academic, write in pseudo scientific lingo, yet have no idea how to communicate a serious idea.

First, when you make up your own jargon, which coincides with established meanings, until it has caught on to the mainstream, search engines are not going to be terribly useful for this. At the very minimum, you should supply some key words to use when directing people to search, or better yet simply provide some direct hyperlinks...

Second, you do yourself no service making analogies if the borrowed topic isn't universally understood.

Consider theses answers in the form of a question:
Does a bear shit in the woods?
Does a diode allow current to flow one way?

Yes and Yes, though one is easier on the uninformed reader, and as an author you should take this into account.

Also, be sure, in the hand written version of your manifesto, make it LEGIBLE!


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