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Re: Masakatsu Agatsu

Thanks to all of you!

When reading Masa Katsu A Katsu Katsu Haya Bi, individuals often struggle with the "Katsu Haya Bi" portion. Another esoteric Buddhist term related to Masa Katsu, A Katsu, Katsu Hayabi is the term "kaji." The term is often translated as "blessing." Again there is the union of tariki and jiriki (Power offered and power accepted/welcomed/sought).  One analogy used with kaji is the reflection of light by water.  The light (tariki) shines on the water, the water reflects (accepts/welcomes/seeks) the light.  The light penetrates the water.  The union of the two is evidenced by the water shining with the brilliant reflection of the light simultaneously received and reflected to all others.  

The light is always present.  The only requirement is that the water "turn towards" the light, in all humility, nakedly, holding nothing back, covering nothing up.  (Sagawa's quote, "You can always do less." comes to mind.)

As soon as the water "turns towards" the light in this Way, union takes place as evidenced by the light being reflected in, and by, the water.  

This is "Victory Fast Sun." (Katsu Hayabi)

In the esoteric Buddhism with which Ueshiba was familiar, the Dharmakaya (realm of the Way), is referred to as Dainichi (Great Sun).

According to Ueshiba, Aikido (which is the workings if Takemusu Aiki) abides within Masa Katsu, A Katsu, Katsu Haya Bi.  It is the Way of God, the Spirit of True Joy (Bliss), manifested as Love.

~ Allen Beebe
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