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Re: It happens to the best of them

I won't disagree with Mr. Lowry's observation. I don't think anyone isn't susceptible to failure no matter who they are. In context, look at MMA. It is ludicrous to think there isn't going to be strikes exchanged, opportunities missed, miscalculations or other errors made by both winner and loser. A truth that says errors will be made no matter who it is, when engaged in martial arts. The "old man" falling down, much less at his age still performing technique well, let's us see what his is doing is real. He is real. His demonstration is real. It's our exceptions too high when we don't all margin of error, demanding the impossible standard of perfections. Here O'Sensei is publicly demonstrating. He isn't instructing a class. Two different venues. Errors will be made by both sides of the conflict, the winner is the one who makes the less significant and minimal errors. Mr. Harden pointing out O'Sensei's stumble, something evidently over-looked, indicates the wonderful no matter how good you are the fact remains everyone makes mistake. How quickly, often and how you recover from mistake is key. In a fighting situation add on how you exploit your opponent's mistakes. I have always enjoyed the work of Mr. Lowery, and he is spot on here IMHO. Martial artists, fighters and teachers are human, we are fallible.
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