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Re: Shomenuchi Nage waza in Refinement

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Old ‘men' acting less than infants, most posters' quality of "Aiki" and Aikido on Aikiweb couldn't be poorer. I've taught ten year olds with more maturity than this. Regarding my audience, there may be so few intelligent readers left on this forum with the overwhelming junk that gets posted here. Looking on the positive side, beginners looking into Aikido will at least learn where not to train.
Far truer words of self could not have been spoken. As others have noted, your post was not intelligently written. That has no bearing upon you or your character, but rather how you have presented your ideas. One even asked, point blank, what you meant by your terminology since it didn't match any known present day usages. Instead you call people lazy and infantile. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for conversation, nor a very presentable face for beginners in aikido.

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