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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

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Yes, this is a promise made by some but I have yet to see it bear fruit. I would love to meet the kind of martial bodhisattva that I've heard speculated about; a person who can stop any aggression with the power of their love. So far I haven't seen anyone who could actually shut down an attack by becoming spiritually one with the attacker. In my experience the concepts of oneness, unity and co-existence don't seem to translate into martial skill, at least not the way you're presenting them.

On the other hand, I would love to be wrong about this. It would justify the time a lot of people have spent in pursuit of their budo enlightenment. Like I said before, I have a lot of respect for you putting your views out there for people to critique. If you're ever willing to put your skills up to scrutiny in practical some way I'll take another look at your philosophy.

Perhaps the ultimate goal of Budo is to reach a level of lovingness wherein you could influence and control those who would be otherwise uncontrollable. How this would be accomplished, or whether anyone is currently capable of doing it is another question entirely. I've previously discussed Gandhi and his ability to control and manipulate millions through love, inaction, and nonviolence. He and MLK jr. are among the few historical figures who have ever been able to do this on a large scale.

I do think that an enemy can be influenced by love and peace to a lesser extent. But love and peace are not something that should necessarily be done to invoke responses from other people. It is an individual state of being and a personal philosophy that governs one's life from within. If everyone embraced a life of peace there would be no need to utilize it to neutralize an adversary, as nobody would be adversarial towards one another. Love isn't something you can cast over someone to neutralize them when they are mad. It's a personal state of being that has limitless potential once others are able to see it and feel it for themselves.