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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

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Yes, and: Before the above mentioned can be let go of...the traits must be acknowledged and accepted. We can't let go of what we can't see and of what we don't own. It is so much easier to keep projecting it out onto other people.

The distractions of thinking that other people are the enemy are seductive.

It takes a lot of courage and fortitude to keep training when we find out who we are really battling.
Other people can be your enemy and handling them kept you and your children alive. Comically, I have seen many Budo people who cannot handle their friends half-ass attack, so what does that say about their real skill?

None of your comments helps you do aiki. This is advice about a mental state with no real consequence in physical interactions.
There is no requirement of "letting go" to do anything with aiki. It sounds like more bad shihan advice...sort of like relax or eat more rice.
The state you are trying to arrive at has a technology that was known. It isn't hopeful..."Oh dear...I hope I "FEEEEL IT today at the dojo" mumbo jumbo. Nor does feeling it require letting go or being of correct mind or righteous spirit.

1. There were plenty of men with Ki, aiki, and skill who were of an aggressive mind.
3. Plenty who were inept physically who were of a refined mind and spirit.

These things are definitive and causal to action. Most people I have met were dabblers and really don't understand the fullness of what was being discussed. Others are only day dreaming about their physical skill level using their ki or spirituality. Warriors knew this and challenged men like this who claimed a developed state, but were actually cowards who never let themselves be put to the test.
I forget the the encounter but in one instance I thought profound; Mr. spiritual sated it would be nothing for him to defend himself against the warrior. The warrior said let's test that out. Mr. Spiritual replied something like it wasn't worth the effort. To which the warrior said in his best Jewish accent; So, what effort?

As Stan noted, most Aikido-ka realize the B.S. going on with so many "ki" and "spiritual" aikido people who have never and will never deliver on anything except with highly cooperative ukes. I just want to make sure the community knows the difference between the's and the real people using Ki and aiki and a spirit/mind/body state that is devastating and truly yeilds power against real aggression....THAT HAS BEEN TESTED AGAINST FIGHTERS WITH SKILL.

Please don't throw out the reality and hope of the spirit/mid/body connection due to wankers who don't have their facts right, their history correct, and their lack of any real skill. The Pedagogy of Aikido is real and is commensurate with Asian knowledge of these things.
So dump the chakras making power, and the quasi Western Indian and new age who-do-voodoo, mishmash..."Oh, Oh, I think I feel it today, I am one with the cosmos..." and go back to the Asian model and we can learn real power building and aiki. Don't give up on Aikido's one true promise due to nonsense that will not help you actually have aiki in the first place. Your peers are pursuing it and making progress toward an achievable goal. One that, in the end, is going to just simply stop all of these others in their tracks when they try to "blend with it" and "achieve harmony" with their spirit.. as they are totally dominated and taken for a ride...on contact.
What does that say about the spirit in their aikido?
Is the one able to control the violence of the other...more developed?
Curious minds would like to know

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