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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

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Good morning again David. My reply to you part two.

Oneness and for that matter co-existence. Given and presented as spiritual things. Given and presented as inherent in Aikido. Given and presented as not only effective but essential to the efficacy and advanced ability in Aikido Given and presented as unifying and harmonious and the only barrier to doing it is self, no one else. Given and presented as without it there is fight and contest. With it there is no fight, no contest, only effective harmonious action rather than just effective action.

Spirit and spiritual are all to do with harmony and oneness and all embrasiveness and life thus Aikido fits spirit like a glove.

Mind is about data, arguments, memories, storage, survival, rightness, wrongness, fears, compulsions, insecurities, cravings for power etc.etc.

One must let go of one to achieve the other.
Yes, and: Before the above mentioned can be let go of...the traits must be acknowledged and accepted. We can't let go of what we can't see and of what we don't own. It is so much easier to keep projecting it out onto other people.

The distractions of thinking that other people are the enemy are seductive.

It takes a lot of courage and fortitude to keep training when we find out who we are really battling.