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Re: Shomenuchi Nage waza in Refinement

Tenyu Hamaki wrote: View Post
The Scientific & Technological Program* can object to ‘word blasphemy' as much as it wants, preferably in another thread.
I am looking for the corresponding * footnote but can't see it...

It's less about "word blasphemy" and more a question of if you are using these as analagous concepts then what exactly do you mean? Since it isn't clear to someone who isn't familiar (as Michael noted) and doesn't make sense to people who are familiar with the terms (as Gerardo and Greg noted) you're suggesting that others should search and form their own analagous understanding of the terms.

Do you think that the concept you think is of great importance cannot be explained in terms that are more readily accessible in their commonly understood forms? If not, can you explain what you intend by means of your use of these terms? If not then what is the purpose of posting?

I'm somewhat perplexed as I would have thought the idea was to convey your message in as understandable a form as possible or is it meant to be a hidden truth that people should ferret out by themselves?

Essentially I'm asking - who is the intended audience?

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