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Re: Shomenuchi Nage waza in Refinement

Michael Hackett wrote: View Post
Borrowing and relating descriptive terms is fine if your readers are familiar with them. I am not, and I suspect most here are equally unfamiliar so your message is being missed. More's the pity - perhaps you have something really valuable to say. All I got was strike straight down and extend. If that was your message, it could have been done with five words. If not, you failed to reach your audience.
My intended audience doesn't include people ‘interested in learning' Shomen yet unwilling to do an internet search for a few words. Laziness or entitlement attitude are both non-starters. Your umbrage is leading others to do independent reading though.


The Scientific & Technological Program* can object to ‘word blasphemy' as much as it wants, preferably in another thread.
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