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Re: Shomenuchi Nage waza in Refinement

Tenyu Hamaki wrote: View Post
Your culturally inherited resistance to borrowing and relating descriptive terms from electrical energy to Aikido is noted. Your Aikido will improve after realizing newtonian reductionist thought is never holistic.
It's not "culturally inherited resistance," it's the use of logic and adherence to scientific truth. The terminology you are borrowing is descriptive of specific phenomena in any culture.

Arms, legs, and wooden sticks do not follow the formulations or behavior of electrical reactance, inductance and capacitance, so why bother borrowing theses terms? Because they sound cool? If you were really educated in these subjects beyond their surface definitions you'd realize how easily those models fall apart when applied outside their intended domain.

Your Aikido will improve after you adopt the Scientific Method and put your theories up for peer review and testing.
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