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graham christian
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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

David Ringle wrote: View Post
Graham, I've read quite a growing handful of your very authoritative discourses over the past year and I have a lot of respect for your tenacity in the face of some stiff criticism. Your OP is titled "My Spiritual Aikido" and as such I don't think I can comment on the objective value of what another person considers his spiritual philosophy. I've never seen Aikido as a particularly spiritual practice but if you do then I think that's great.

However, I also have to say that if you are holding up your spiritual Aikido as an effective martial methodology (which you do in many of your posts) then other folks have every right to ask for a demonstration of its effectiveness. The proof is in the pie, as they say. Can your "oneness" stop a serious attack? If so, how? And can you DEMONSTRATE it? This is a martial art, after all. Peer review in this genre happens when one guy's stuff works and the other guy's doesn't. (And then they go for beers.)

If there truly is a spiritual component to Aikido then it's this: the humility and gratitude I feel when I touch hands with someone better than myself and I learn something. Deep spiritual revelations are great but if they don't translate into practical skills its really all just a philosophy.


Thanks Dave and I agree with what you say.

If you have read many of my posts then you will see I oft say how it is effectve and martial too.

With that I therefor have demonstrated the fact thousands of times.

It doesn't happen quite as you say above I would say. I have met many from many different ways. So obviously I have demonstrated. So to do what anyone here says to do is something I have done non-stop for many years. So what's their problem? is what I ask myself.

I teach my way, others come to learn or experience. No ones ever disappointed. Most are 'enlightened' (with a small e) by the experience. The usual responses are either wow! or woah...

That's the best way I can put it.

You know, I find it strange putting things this way, even a little uncomfortable. For if I was to tell you the norm I would sound like some super salesman.

Oneness. Of course it can stop a serious attack. Is that not one of the things Aikido promises?

This I can demonstrate yes. In fact in a number of ways. So the how I would have to have some kind of idea as to where you are coming from so I could explain in a way suited to your understanding.