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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Reality time people. All this waffle about what others should do and the way things are done whilst at the same time trying to imply I must this or that and imply I blah, blah, blah....

Well, as this is a thread on my Aikido and invites others to say things about their Aikido or indeed ask about mine I will show you something. That something is reality.That something is what Ueshiba says even in his rules of training. To the effect that each teacher can show you a part of Aikido, the rest is for you to learn through honest, sincere training. So who is anyone to tell me or you anything.

So here we go. I think many will relate to this:

When I entered Aikido I wanted to learn what was promised. The first thing, on the first lesson I wanted to learn was that unbendable arm. How the hell does that guy do that? My first challenge.

As time goes on every week spotting new challenges, got to learn that!

Anyway time goes on and many accomplishments later new challenges raise their head. I can now have a handle on most of the techniques but when it comes to those big next challenge.

Then strange ones like how come with that person I get stuck. How comes I seem to hold back with certain types of people, etc. So that's the next challenge and goal.

Note that the actual testing is all good but nothing compared to these personal challenges and goals. No comparison. These challenges are harder than the tests.

Then the challenge of what happens the moment someone picks up a bokken or weapon. One point gone, calmness? what's that? ....Next challenge, next goal. And so on and so on.

The negative mind can be a good teacher too, full of what if's and yeah buts. What if someone was using boxing? What if they were real thugs? What if someone kicks? What about outside? All new challenges, all new goals.

All stemming from doing one thing continuously, on a path.

Now what happens when you achieve these goals? These are the plateaus usually precede by some kind of epiphany.

What happened when you were stuck on let's say tai sabaki? You tried to do it but it didn't have the effect it should according to your teacher. So you practice.

Then you get good at it and you can do it to good effect sometimes, then quite often, then most times. Depending....

Depending on who, where, when, etc. So you practice on them. One fine day you find it doesn't matter who.

Now on another side of the coin. Teaching. Same cycle of learning happens there too.

This is real. This is reality.