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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

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The understanding of the mind/body connection had an ultimate yield. It was never a nebulous, spiritual whos who, tooth fairy, kitchen sink endeavor. It is a mind/body technology. The men who pursued it were substantial.
So reading modern corruptions in understanding from people lacking any power whatsoever places them outside...looking in from the jump. It should disqualify them at the start, but the real problem is that so many in Aikido are so unaware and uneducated that they can't take part either. They see the physical issues with their approach and they try to fix it with waza, movement and sadly- muscle. At least they see some of the failures in the model though and are trying to find better information.

The rather Ecumenical movement approach to group spirituality we are reading here does not apply to tried and true models of power building that exists in practice in Asia. Most notably those used for warriors, and the ones Ueshiba was quoting as his own methods for Aikido. Since the people lacking power don't truly have any idea of what it takes to produce power and aiki, what it looks like or feels like, or what to look for, they grasp at straws hoping for a positive outcome.

Interestingly, there actually was/is a spiritual/mind/body process with an ultimate yield that warriors and monks explored. None of what has been expressed here, has anything to do with that though. Ki as "universal energy" is just not going to get anyone there.
Comments Jim?
How, about something on topic, befiting an Aikido dojocho's professional position?

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