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Marc Abrams
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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Jim Sorrentino wrote: View Post
Let the record show that not all naysayers "have been allowed to come," nor have any open seminars with Dan occurred.

Further, let the record show that Dan has successfully prevailed several times upon both Jun Akiyama and Stan Pranin to delete entire threads when those discussions go in directions that Dan does not like.

Finally, let the record show that Dan, unlike Graham and many others, steadfastly refuses to allow himself to be filmed, thus avoiding the kind of thoughtful, critical evaluation that he so generously shares with the readers of AikiWeb.

Jim Sorrentino always seems to rear his ugly head up when Dan is involved in some perceived controversy, because of his long-standing conflicts with Dan. Jim lacks the integrity to deal directly with Dan, rather he prefers to take pot shots, like this post and yet he wonders why Jun and Stan have deleted entire threads? Jim even tried to instigate Dan to appear at an Ushiro Sensei seminar, thinking that he could cause a problem for both Dan and Ushiro Sensei. Dan Harden, myself and Ushiro Sensei displayed the kind of upfront integrity that not only prevented that low-ball, backhanded, failed action, but helped to further strengthen my relationships with those men of honor.

Dan has been vetted in-person by multitudes of people who have commented about his skill sets. Now that you have taken your cheap pot shot, yet again, can we enjoy not reading your posts for awhile? I guess being in Washington, D.C. for so long, has not been good for your level of integrity.

Marc Abrams