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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Gary Welborn wrote: View Post
Peer review is generally a process of having your concepts, such as a concept of design, ideas for a new process, any thing really....say the building of a bridge using new materials or what could be seen as unusual untested methods, designs or new combinations of all of these, looked at critically by any number of others. Peer review involves many folks of varied disciplines within an organization as anyone of these folks may "see" something that has been missed by the originator, or the close design group around that individual. Any number of experiences that an individual may had, training they have undergone...may lead to questions that raise issues that need to be addressed. These folks can be just months on the job and many years. Peer review is not turning to your brother, one of your students or very close friends and asking how am I doing.

Your approach to spiritual..... to Spiritual Aikido...... seems to be your unique combination of any number of pieces and as such could be subject to outside peer review to get an honest assessment of the effectiveness of what you do.

O'K Gary. Thanks for that explanation. So let's take a look at it. Let's see what it is. Let's see how real it is.

Having my concepts, ways of doing, ideas, style, looked at critically by a number of others.

So I decided as I like writing certain things to practice poetry. I practiced until I felt I had discovered my own personal styles. I also thought I could write philosophical poetry which could be done specifically for an individual and would thus help that individual.

So I knew my purpose there and for general was just for others to enjoy.

When ready I proceeded to do it, at first for birthday messages etc. Soon many were asking me to write something for them. The local sainsburys insist I write their christmas poems each year. Others say how they have framed them and put them on their walls for inspiration.

So a little example of taking my style and unique way of poetry and using it and it being wanted and useful.

Did I ask for peers criticism? No.

Do I care what other critical experts in poetry think? Not one iota.

So do I care? No.

Now let's see. I had a few friends who I played football with. The club we were members of had the official 5 a side football team entering a competition. Those of the football world were all happy and then I said I want to play with my mates. Anyway, despite all the 'It's not that simple, and you need proper training and blah, blah, blah, by the so called peers a lady secretary of the club took pity and entered us also.

We met what was now the 'A' team in the semi finals and beat them and went on to win the final. That was the herts and beds (local counties) competition. As winners we get entered into the southern England champions competition. Win win that too. We go through to the Great Britain championships. We come runners up. A nice fun journey and experience.

Did we care what the peers said? No.

As a teenager their is extreme peer pressure to drink, to take drugs etc. Did I care about that? No.

In life I learn things "let's say nutrition for example". Ki atsu as another example.

Then I watch and listen to the medical people and ask stupid questions like "Well can't you actually cure that?" and get laughed at. Poor deluded fool. So I just go ahead and cure it. Do I care about peers? No. They can go and peer and waffle ad infinitum as far as I am concerned.

So I hope this puts some perspective on the matter.

So it is not a necessity or even needed, in fact for many it's nonsense. So where is it 'important?'

In organizations where someone wants it all as they say so, yes that's one place. Also in groups where the group 'mind' says it must be this way and our way is superior. Yes, it's standard there as well.

So insular, so controlling, such a load of nonsense.

Those in the Aikikai with it's structure and ways can thus be peers of fellow Aikikai peeps. To think they have the right to criticise, as peers, Tomiki people is to me arrogant. Etc.

Thus I say the use of the idea of peers being all important for progress or acceptance is a load of bull.

So let's get real shall we. Others, maybe doing a similar thing or maybe not, may get interested and want to share or feel or whatever. That's all good but it's nothing to do with "you must" The favorite words spoken by insecure control freaks.

I doubt if Musashi gave a monkeys what other peers thought. I doubt Boddhidharma did either. Or any other self determined individual.

No, it's all about self and facing the next challenge on your own path.

Peers needed for honest assessment? Don't make me laugh. That would take a very aware, honest, compassionate peer.

As with football, sports, life etc. those who are good at and can actually spot talent are very rare yet everyone thinks they are experts at it. Who picked Nixon?

When it comes to football England are very good at this peer thing and end up with a load of rubbish.