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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post
I know that is your goal Gary, But the process does raise a few questions:

1. How many times would you go fishing when you are not catching any fish?
There are any number of folks watching from the bank that are being told by the individual sitting the bait shop on the bank that this pond has all of the fish and really the only "real" fish. I am no fisherman, but I can tell when a pond has no fish. Sometimes you just have to keep pointing this out.

2. Does the act actually draw out, like mary metioned, the less-than honorable remarks from the larger circle as they begin to prey upon the weaknesses that are exposed.
What are honorable remarks, what are less than honorable......most that are call "less than honorable remarks are the very fact that anyone would even question the validity of things that are said by an individual. If you get up on that soap sure are open for it. Once you have declared your self the true representative of the true are open for it....actually the comments have been quite mild all things considered........

3. I also wonder how the rest of the public interprets this stuff. After all, here are various Aikido leadership folks writing on a forum that is in public view.
I don't know how many of the upper tier of what you are calling Aikido leadership folks actually post here. None of the major organizational leaders do..... now they may drop in to read....or they may have their representatives post...don't know....

4. Finally, I am listening to the dogs that didn't bark. Many Aikido leaders who are reading participants of this forum have chosen not to add flame to this pyre. Why? know why do you bring it up I am still trying to figure out why I bother to post here myself.....I'll give you my approach to this....years ago at a gym I was ask by a women friend why I wasn't across the room hanging around a beautiful woman doing some lifting like about 10 or so other reply was ...old dog young dog..... young dog runs along the fence and barks at everything that is close.....old dog waits until something falls into their yard......

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