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Chris Parkerson
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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Here now, with Chris... My offer to Graham, despite all evidence to the contrary to show him what I am doing one-on-one with no one in the room and for integrity, honesty, and fair handedness is questioned for no good yet another self proclaimed spiritual person!
Dan, I thought we were going to let this go?????

I am not questioning your integrity nor you honesty. I call into question your approach.
Graham does not know you. All he probably has is the words and style in which you write.
He also has a statement from the group that they are attempting to "police" (my words) Aikido teachers who do not as of yet have the internal training that is becoming standard through your teachings.

Where I live, the police want us to create block watches. But they are no longer peace officers, they are law enforcement officers. And if we call them regarding an incident, they will come to our house, (1) exposing us to the eyes of the gangs and (2) once inside the house, they reserve the right to find something we might get arrested for.

That approach, whether it be from you or a local uniformed policeman, can be very intimidating and does not necessarily build trust. Thus, as a phenomenologist, I have said, "I am not sure how kind Dan's offer is." I say that as if I were looking through Graham's eyes.

'Nuff said.


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