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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

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I wouldn't know about this. All I have is how he has responded to me and a chance to read the lines on his face from photos. As to the former, I have stated that most verbal issues are often resolved on the mats with a laugh and a beer.
I'd respectfully suggest that perhaps your intuition and face reading isn't, in this case, reliable; with myself you'd conclude that I'm always eating or am particularly stupid from my photos which would be... oh... well, not everyone is as clear to read

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post
It does irk me, however, when I watch a gang of folks take so much time trying to corner someone when a point has already been made. I am sure somewhere in a treatise on Budo (perhaps Daidoji Yuzan) there is a statement that continuing such an assault is just not cricket.
I don't see it as trying to corner someone; if someone continually asserts a point other are also free to assert their contrasting or supporting points. That there may be more making one point than another is something you can make many different judgements on the meaning of based on your knowledge of the subject matter and/or the individuals. The less information you have, the harder it is to rely upon that intuitive judgement.

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post
Graham's response is between him and Dan. When others jump into the fray, it looks like an elementary school bully session or a pack of Buzzards chewing upon carion. And I do wonder what good can come of it.
I'm not sure Graham is carrion; the image of declaring all people commenting on the subject not on Graham's "side", if sides there are, as buzzards is one carrying unfair imagery.

Graham frequently points out things such as "no one understands" or words to that effect; for someone to make their own observations that are less sweeping and more directed is as valid and my preference is for specifics rather than broad brush strokes.

There are many "good" things that could come of this, at worst I see a lot more talking that doesn't get us anywhere. But it passes the time until training at least

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