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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

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I wouldn't know about this. All I have is how he has responded to me and a chance to read the lines on his face from photos. As to the former, I have stated that most verbal issues are often resolved on the mats with a laugh and a beer.
Where was I not a gentleman? I don't think my private responses to you belong in any discussion here.

Graham's response is between him and Dan. When others jump into the fray, it looks like an elementary school bully session or a pack of Buzzards chewing upon carion. And I do wonder what good can come of it.
Well, jumped into that fray....twice!!! And moreover, to call my sincerity into doubt without cause.

Graham is a straight forward person-even his detractors acknowledge that. And many call me deadly honest. We most certainly can take care of our agreements and disagreements. Leave me out of the buzzards circling carion commentary, when you yourself take part, and when I have been the one who offered to explain and demonstrate our differences to Graham free of charge and in private. It is unsupportable where I am concerned!

This is off topic, lets drop it okay?


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