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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Rich Hobbs wrote: View Post
There have been quite a few people who have been vociferous in their denouncing of Dan before meeting him and he has been called any number of things; if you do some historical research on people's opinions of him online pre/post real world meeting you can see some evidence of this.

People go from being derogatory/dismissive or fairly offensive and insulting to a quite considerable change in their opinions and I've not come across anyone, on any of the forums I've browsed (though I've not read all by any means, by all means let me know if you know differently), where someone has met up with him and declared him to be anything less than a genuine person with some interesting "stuff" to offer.

I'm pretty sure we'd have heard about it if he were anything other than pleasant in these meet ups.
I wouldn't know about this. All I have is how he has responded to me and a chance to read the lines on his face from photos. As to the former, I have stated that most verbal issues are often resolved on the mats with a laugh and a beer.

It does irk me, however, when I watch a gang of folks take so much time trying to corner someone when a point has already been made. I am sure somewhere in a treatise on Budo (perhaps Daidoji Yuzan) there is a statement that continuing such an assault is just not cricket.

Graham's response is between him and Dan. When others jump into the fray, it looks like an elementary school bully session or a pack of Buzzards chewing upon carion. And I do wonder what good can come of it.