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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

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There have been quite a few people who have been vociferous in their denouncing of Dan before meeting him and he has been called any number of things; if you do some historical research on people's opinions of him online pre/post real world meeting you can see some evidence of this.

People go from being derogatory/dismissive or fairly offensive and insulting to a quite considerable change in their opinions and I've not come across anyone, on any of the forums I've browsed (though I've not read all by any means, by all means let me know if you know differently), where someone has met up with him and declared him to be anything less than a genuine person with some interesting "stuff" to offer.

I'm pretty sure we'd have heard about it if he were anything other than pleasant in these meet ups.
Well lets see
Snake oil salesmen
Thief: stole the material of others (with proof contradicting that)
Not safe
Ego driven
Full of S....t!

What is not said;
Menkyo, Shihan, 6th dans on down, BJJ champs, MMA people with fight records
No one
Not one...
of 1,100 people and 322 in my dojo over the years that I have met and crossed hands with have been able to handle what I am doing.

Everyone is having fun and has heard me say over and over that
"I am just another bum on the budo bus"
"Don't call me sensei"
"This stuff is out there, I'm not the only one."
And they have seen open rooms.
Bow at the feet of those I best....over and over.
And last and most important?
My efforts are bringing together people from many different budo...who by their own admission would never have trained together...into one room and they are becoming friends on and off the mats.

Here now, with Chris... My offer to Graham, despite all evidence to the contrary to show him what I am doing one-on-one with no one in the room and for integrity, honesty, and fair handedness is questioned for no good yet another self proclaimed spiritual person!

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