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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Re...the you tube link of the guitar player
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That is just an excellent example to bring home the point that not everyone gets an 'A' regardless of what you think your talent is - honest feedback is essential to knowing where you are at - period!
p.s. Just curious if this guy did any performance for others prior to that show and why reality did not manifest itself before then.
Did you miss the best part?
The guitar player, (well, he really wasn't was he?) made a terrible showing, and at the end of the video he asks "Is that it, its over?"
He had no idea how incredibly inept he was.

Now tie it in to Aikido-well, any budo really. Peer review helps preserve the integrity of a group. Any single example, as well as any significant change in the accepts partices of a discipline, damages or alters the value of the whole. Which is why peer reviews were and are important. Idealy, people rose through the ranks and there was a self check. It is an inconsistant model but it offers a basic framework for review. We have all seen some really strange exceptions to that.
Interestingly, you can apply it to some very active spiritual figures.

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